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An Easy-to-Follow Guide for Moving to a New State

Relocating your entire life a state away might seem like an overwhelming prospect. Just because a move is big doesn’t mean it needs to be scary, though. Take steps to ensure your move is a smooth one by doing your research and planning ahead. Use this guide to help you through your transition.

  1. Job Hunting Across State Lines

When looking for jobs in different locations, it’s essential to have your documentation perfect. Since you’ll likely be unable to interview in person, your cover letter and resume need to speak on your behalf and present a polished front. While you can use the same basic resume for a number of jobs, it helps to tailor your cover letter to the exact position you are applying for. Integrating specific details about the company can help assure the people hiring know you are genuinely interested in the company and position.

When interviewing remotely, check your background beforehand to ensure the space in-screen looks professional. Test out your microphone and adjust your camera angle and lighting as needed to show your face to the best effect.

  1. Launching a Business in a New State

If you’re planning on starting a business in your new state, researching that state’s expectations for businesses is essential. While some states require a general business license, others such as Texas do not, though you will have to acquire any licenses and permits specific to your industry to legally operate.

The Texas state government recommends starting by developing your business plan. Your business plan can help you navigate the important decisions necessary to successfully launch your company. Although your business plan may be tailored to fit the unique needs of your business and can be as detailed or brief as you desire, most business plans include your company’s structure, source of funding, operation plan, and financial projections. Are you new to the business world? Don’t worry — online resources, such as this ZenBusiness guide on How to Start a Business, can help ensure that you’re following all of the rules and regulations to the letter.

  1. Finding Your Dream Home

House hunting across state lines has its own challenges, particularly if you will be unable to view the homes in person. Find a good local realtor with whom you can share your desires in a home with early on. Prepare a list of must-know questions for any houses you will view to ensure you learn all you need to know about the home even from a distance. You can actually get a head start by researching prices online, which will give you an idea of what you’ll expect to pay for housing.

Don’t be too disappointed if you can’t get everything you want in a home initially, though. Custom building options are more accessible than ever and high-quality contractors can take the space you choose and upgrade it with the extras such as luxurious outdoor kitchens from KJ Custom Screens & Outdoor Living.

  1. Planning Your Budget

Housing, food, transportation, schooling, entertainment, and more go into the expense of living in a new place. While each person’s needs will be different, you can plan ahead using the cost of living data to see how much you should expect to allocate to each section. Frisco’s housing costs are above average, but grocery costs are lower, and the high-quality school district and scores of local amenities can make the trade worth it. Use a budgeting app to help determine what you can afford and where your money is best spent.

Don’t be afraid to make the big moves. The life you’ve envisioned may be waiting in the next state. Set yourself up for a painless transition by planning ahead and reap the fruits of your efforts when you’re relaxing with a cold drink on the back porch of your dream home.