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Manual Patio Shades

Gorgeous outdoor spaces are frequently neglected because of the intense sunlight and high temperatures that persist well into the night. These issues are at their worst when homeowners are eager to enjoy their outdoor areas: during lunch and dinner. Our manual sun shades can solve these problems and give you the outdoor retreat you've always imagined, particularly in places where electric options are unavailable.

Dallas, TX - Patio Shades manual crank
**Please note that our manual crank shades are not bug proof**

Simply adjust your sun shade as needed by either lowering it or rolling it up, all with the help of a removable lever. Our Dallas patio sun shades are designed for more than just patios, providing shade and comfort when you need it in a range of outdoor spaces: - Patios - Decks - Pergolas - Porches - Balconies – Gazebos.

patio shades, manually operated, Fort Worth, Texas

Outdoor Manuel Roller Shades

  • The perfect solution for small & medium spaces (maximum size is 12ft in width, 10 ft in height)
  • Exterior Application
  • Cable Guidance
  • All aluminum components
  • Crank Operation

It’s time to take back your summer evenings by ensuring the comfort of your family and your guests. Give us a call today for a free consultation at (972) 670-3670 or request an appointment online.

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