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Is Your Texas Patio Ready For Spring?

Ever wonder how to get rid of the bugs while enjoying a meal on your patio? We have a solution for you – motorized screens. Nothing is worse than flies buzzing around your face as you try to take a bite. It’s one sure way to lose your appetite. So how does a motorized screen work exactly?

At the push of a button, the screen descends from above, moving down to the ground where it seals against the pavement. KJ Screens have a brush pile on the bottom that seals the weight bar against any uneven pavement so even the tiniest bug cannot get through. When down, the screens provide a protective barrier but still allow you to keep your view. So, if you are watching the kids swim for instance, you still see everything they are doing. Putting the screens down at dusk or dawn will also keep those pesky mosquitoes off the patio. Nothing is worse than getting bit while trying to have a bit of family time or entertaining. Mosquitos are attracted to the air you expel (carbon dioxide). Putting a mosquito barrier, like screen mesh, between you and the insect is the best way to avoid getting bitten.

Inside View from KJ Custom Screens on Vimeo.

So, what about those west facing patios that get a lot of sun? The blinding Texas sun only gets hotter as the day goes on. We have several solar opacities to choose from depending on which direction you face. A 90% or 95% solar screen is best for the west facing patios. Phifer exterior sun control products offer protection from harmful solar rays that can cause energy costs to surge and can fade or damage home furnishings. More than 30 Phifer products (including our SunTex® 95 and Super Solar Screening+) bear the seal of approval from the Melanoma International Foundation for their effectiveness in preventing sun damage to the eyes and skin. Putting down the solar screens while the sun is blaring in that space, will also decrease the patio temps 10-12 degrees. Our motorized screens with Phifer solar mesh not only protect you and your skin but will also help with energy costs and protect furniture from sun damage.

Dallas, TX Bug Screens

Our goal is to provide you with a 4-season space. If you are going to put the investment into your home, we want you to get as much out of it as possible. Have a patio fireplace? Or maybe some heaters? Our solar screen mesh will also help retain the heat in the colder months so you can literally be outside on your patio all year round. Imagine opening your doors during the holidays and Superbowl for more space – keeping the space warm for your guests!

Insect Screens - Dallas, TX

Start enjoying your patio again. Ask us how a motorized screen will work on your patio. Texas has no end to bugs and sun but with a KJ motorized screen, we have you covered, literally.