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Motorized Patio Shades – Fort Worth, TX

powered porch shades Westlake, TXMotorized Patio Shades or (Retractable Screens) are a popular exterior shade solution for Fort Worth homeowners and businesses alike. They offer instant space division for insect control, solar control, wind protection, rain protection, temperature control and privacy all while providing a stylish aesthetic. And then if you just want open space or a completely unobstructed view, at a touch of a button they just disappear.

Universal Screens believes the key to providing a great end-product is to use high-quality materials. They have made sure to align theirselves with some of the best vendors in the industry, including Somfy, Phifer, Twitchell, Recasens, SergeFerrari, and others. In addition to those vendors, Universal has chosen to stay local with their aluminum extrusion company, powder coaters, machining shop, and packaging partner and they are all located in and around the Fort Worth, Texas area. Their manufacturing process is simple and they surround theirselves with great supporting companies to provide a superior motorized retractable screen product to the end-user.

MotionScreen™ – Fort Worth Motorized Outdoor Shades

Imagine a world without a fixed screen to obstruct the view from your patio, porch, lanai, veranda, or balcony. Imagine a world where at the touch of a button you instantly screen your Texas exterior living space. Imagine a world where you can leave your garage door wide open and work freely with superb ventilation and protection from pesky bugs and mosquitos.

Whether you are looking for pest protection, solar protection, or privacy, these Fort Worth Motorized Retractable Screens are versatile and serve many purposes. Motorized patio shades transform any architectural openings into a desired and functional living space.

Beautiful retractable shades in Westover Hills, Texas

Motorized Retractable Screen Applications

Screened Porches

Enjoy and convert this traditional living space from fixed screens to a non-traditional product. With Motorized Power Screens you touch a button and instantly screen your Fort Worth porch or patio on demand.

Garage Door Screens

Turn your garage into yet another type of living space to work or hang out in. Simply bring your garage door up, watch as your Power Screen rolls down to screen the garage for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Seasonal Rooms

With our solid clear vinyl material, you can convert any space into a real four season room. Mostly commonly installed on homes, there is a fast growing use of this product for commercial applications.

Privacy Screen

We carry a complete slate of privacy screen materials for you to choose from. With our Motorized Privacy Screens you can have privacy for that hot tub on the deck or an exposed room in the house.

Fort Worth Solar Screens

Our Motorized Solar Screens offer privacy, safe sun screening and secure shading. You choose your own customized design, color, screen type, and sun sensor and watch as your screens operate automatically.

Motorized Screen Installation Options

Customized to each building project, our Motorized Retractable Screens merge perfectly with the décor to maintain the integrity of your design. These retractable screens can be recessed from view, or mounted on existing structures. Our Fort Worth Motorized Retractable Screens can be integrated into every type of architectural style including wood, brick, stucco, natural stone, and concrete.